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People, grow up.

MCR doesnt owe you ANYTHING.
They've given everything they've got for us. They don't OWE us an explaination, no matter how nice it would be to recieve one.
For those of you who sit there playing the "WHOSE FAULT WAS IT?" game, grow up.
Personally, I think Bob left because he's had A LOT going on in the last few years.
His dog was killed. He's been in physical therapy for what, a year and a half? He's the only member of the band without a family to go home to everynight, btw.
Nothing about Frank's post made it seem like he left on bad terms.
And yeah, they waited 4 weeks before telling us. So fucking what? It was hard for them too. Maybe they weren't sure whether or not Bob was gone for good. Would you want them to announce Bob was gone, only to recieve a post a few weeks later saying "LOL JK!"?

I'm so sick of people acting like MCR OWES them something, like they should tell us everything as if they're our best friends. They're not. They are PEOPLE, okay? Not fucking superheros. If you're expecting perfection, you're looking at the wrong band.

Don't take my post as not caring. I'm fucking bummed that Bob left, I've been a fan for five years, Bob was the drummer that entire time. But I'm not going to "lose my faith in the band" or threaten to kill myself or whatever. MCR wouldn't want that. Bob wouldn't want that.

No matter what the reason for his leaving, obviously this was the decision THE ENTIRE BAND, INCLUDING BOB made because they thought it was best for them. THey've spent years helping other people, people they don't even KNOW. Don't you think its time for them to do something for themselves?


Alright. Well, now that I've gotten all this off my chest... I feel way better. So everyone knows, this is in no way directed towards one person, or anybody specifically on this website. This is a responce to the immature 12 year olds on MCR.com, people on here, people on twitter. You're entitled to your opinions, and you can feel free to share them.



Okay, I have a feeling - no, I know - this post was at least partially directed at me or that my post might have been the thing that prompted you to make this. I just wanted to say I didn't mean to piss you off to this extent and that it was really just my late night rantings to a group of people I realise don't necessarily share my opinions.

I completely respect your opinion on the matter and I agree with you that they don't owe us anything, least of all an explanation. What I meant by my comment about not getting a reason for it was that the simple lack of an explanation hinted (to me, anyway) at reasons other than Bob's wrists or the generic 'artistic differences'. Also, your point about them waiting to tell us rather than risk announcing it only to end up keeping him is very true. The pessimistic person I am automatically saw the four week delay as a deliberate attempt to avoid telling us for as long as possible and I didn't stop to consider that it might have been for another reason.

Anyway, I'm sorry if I pissed you off, it definitely wasn't my intention.
I'll be honest, your post did upset me, not because I don't respect your opinion but because you had said that you were losing your faith in the band. I do want you to know that this wasn't completely directed towards you or towards your post though. I would have posted this on the MCR.com community board too, but it's basically run by 12 year olds who threaten to slit their wrists if you DARE to critisize their behavior. I can honestly say that I never thought I would be disgusted in a group of MCR fans until I read some of those blogs XD

I'm sorry if my anger came out seeming to be more towards your blog, I really meant it to be directed towards a lot of posts that I've read over the last few days. Like I said, it was crushing to find out that Bob wouldn't be in the band anymore, but there are a lot of people who are completely taking it overboard. One person said that Bob didn't deserve to be in such a great band, that he should go back to working at Disney Land. A LOT of people on MCR.com were going on about "OMG IM GONNA DIE~" "MY WORLD IS ENDING!" "HOW COULD MCR DO THIS TO US?"

For some reason they're under the assumption that the band is supposed to care only about their fans and not about their own well being...maybe I will post this blog up on the site XD

Anyway, I'm sorry again. I do respect your opinion, and I'm sorry that my frusteration at a lot of people came out more-so directed towards one blog.
You've basically said everything that I've been thinking! Thank you!
Thank YOU!
I saw this awhile back, but losing my net for a week made me forget about it until now.

I think they made a mistake not saying the reasoning for him leaving. First, because the whole statement is vague. The fact that it's vague enough for people to interpret it as Bob being kicked out is, pretty much a huge mistake. I think in large part it's due to them saying it was the decision of 'us' and not the decision of Bob.

Second, whenever they do end up releasing the album the first thing people will ask is about why he left. Every single interviewer will ask about it. Now, while they'd still ask if they had given an explanation, it wouldn't be as big of a deal.

Third, as you say, Bob's been through all of this stuff and it's been hard on him. Now, if he left because of that everyone would understand. So why haven't they just said it?

Personally, I believe he was kicked out, for reasons currently unknown. The fact that they're not being honest makes about why he left has made me lose faith in them. Especially since they've been all recording more, which to me just makes me thtink they're getting rid of whatever had been done with Bob (and yes, people have mentioned legal issues, but if Bob left on his own would there really be any?).

I believe it'd be best for everyone if they just told us why and not hide it like they're doing.
There would be(legal issues) because of the division of bob's royalties and other things like that. Also if the accidents his lawyer might be trying for some compensation, but I highly doubt it's anything other than that.

Plus like she said they don't owe us a thing. Maybe it is more, maybe they really kicked him out, but if they aren't ready to talk we shouldn't push.

Also maybe they weren't sure about what statemnt to make about it so they left it vague and open to interpretation on purpose.

And this is just me but it seemed like bob left of his procedures. Maybe he wanted to settle down and have a family.

These are just my thought though
I completely agree with everything you say but Bob's married to a woman named Kaitlin.

Other than that though I agree with you completely, as much as I would like an explination it's quite possible we may never get one. But that's okay because they don't owe it to us. I completely agree.