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bert buttsex


...kind of.

Does anyone have the download links to any old Steven Untitled Rock Show episode with MCR in it? I have some of the more recent ones TiVoed, but one fine day I went to watch my older episodes and realized TiVo freaked out and deleted all of them. (This was before you were able to go back and take things out of the deleted video file) So I lost the Action Figure Episode, Gerard & Bob's first time in the studio, The Bert/Gerard Q&A and Gerard's make-up lesson...

So if anyone has any of those download links, that would be AMAZING. I want them on my ipod, and I'm too lame to know how to prirate properly -fail-


Sorry, I was going to upload the Q&A with Gerard and Bert but sendspace isn't working for me. However, I did manage to get the make up lesson uploaded on there before it stopped working.
thank you so much!