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RP, anyone?

Yeah, yeah, so I know I make posts like these every few months or so because I get bored, and then I forget to message the people who say they're interested in RPs and everything, but fer seriously you guys, I've been so bored and lazy lately. I need something to dooooo.

So if any of you guys are interested in a The Used, MCR, The Used/MCR rp, lemme know. I do most of my stuff on AIM or MSN but if you're more comfortable doing it on a message board or a comm, I'm up for that too.


I would love to rp with you. I've never done it before in english, but sounds fuckin' fun and interesting.
If you feel like it let me know, remember my first language isn't english so I can make some mistakes and shit... xD
awesome! no problem, i've lived in america my whole life and my spelling/grammar still sucks. i'm on AIM pretty much all day if you want to do it there; my screen name is ButaneOnXMySkin
Otherwise, i'm open to do it anywhere else
Oh, I don't have AIM, only msn. I don't even know how to use AIM, but maybe I should get one, don't you think? xD Maybe you can help me with that if it's not too much trouble of course...
i have MSN too =D i think i secretly have one of everything... i don't even know all my accounts anymore. durfff.

my screen name for THAT is theanthemwontexplainit@yahoo.com

yay for obnoxiously long sign ins!
Awesome! :D
Hahaah, I have so many account in so many sites... but I only use a few~

Great, I'll add you. My msn is xsick.heartx@hotmail.com (Totally based on Sick Hearts from The Used btw xD)
WOOOOOOOO I LOVE THAT SONG. awesome, adding you.