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Laundry Day

Title: Laundry Day [2/?]
Author: howxixdisappear
Pairing: Bert McCracken/Quinn Allman
Prompt: Breakdown
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everybody has their secrets. What's yours?
Disclaimer: This is completely true. No, honestly. It is.
Author's Note: This is a series of not-quite-drabbles, during the Bert-lives-with-Quinn era.I have yet to decide if the title will have anything at all to do with the story. I just used it because I don't have any clean clothes. This chapter is dedicated to the lovely whatweneversaid. Have a prompt request? Go here to make a request for either a chapter of this series, or, yknow, something different.
Bathtub Shit-Kisses

He’s not stupid. Really, he’s not. You know this, and you know he knows it too. But life is so much easier when you pretend. You know that too. Everybody has their secrets. Bert pretends to be stupid so no one will expect anything from him. If no one expects anything, he can’t disappoint them. No problems. No stress. Only you can see that the lights are all on. Only you are allowed to.

Everybody has their secrets.

What’s yours?

He’s not stupid. He knows your secret, and you know he knows it. You left the window open; can’t blame the kid for being curious. He’s never been on the roof before, and your bedroom window is at the perfect angle to climb up without difficulty. Really, you can't blame him.

He wasn’t prepared to see you like that. Cigarette in hand, your duck taped acoustic guitar laying next to you. Wind blew through your hair as you sobbed. Everybody has their secrets. Bert knows it. Bert knows yours. He holds you close, rubbing your back as if you’re a small, hurting child. It’s not something he’s used to doing. You’re always the one to comfort him, never the other way around.

His presence makes you cry harder, embarrassed that he has to see you like this. You stammer out an apology and force a small laugh. Pull back quickly, wipe your eyes. You’re okay.

No, you’re not, he says. Everybody has their secrets. Now, he knows yours.

You’re not as strong as you pretend to be. Maybe you’re just as fucked up as he is. Maybe you’re just a better actor.


that was really sad and sweet sweet that they comfort each other but i hate crying. true everyone has secrets
thank you =] it always bothers me in fics how bert is always the broken one and quinn is always the protector, and it's never any other way. they're best friends, so i'd assume that bert's probably seen quinn at his worst too... THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE EMO!QUINN DAMMIT. IT MAKES ME MELTY.
Awww, the babies! I love you. I love them. ;n;
Thank you ^^ I love you, and them, too!
squee! I like it.
you best have, hannahbutt. thank you =] now to get you started in the magical world of role playing...