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Role playing is fun

As some of you may know already, I really like to RP. It's fun, it gives me things to think about, it forces me to continue writing and sometimes gives me new ideas for stories and such.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in role playing with me, comment me here or just hit me up on one of my messengers.

AIM= butaneonxmyskin
MSN= theanthemwontexplainit@yahoo.com

My favorite band/rp topic/obsession is The Used right now, if I haven't made that too horribly obvious. I've also done MCR, Taking Back Sunday, MSI, a tiny bit of Green Day... I did FOB once, but we're not gonna go there.

So, yeah. If anyone is interested, let me knooooow.


RP=< 3

What sorta stuff do you do? *curious*
story format bandslash with lots of drama and loveliness and...such things. i suck at sex scenes though, so i leave those up to whoever i'm role playing with, or skip past them. haha.
Ahhh *pets* I'm slightly better at the sex scenes I think, cause I'ma massive perv
Good, good. the world needs more pervs. hahaha

weeeeell, i'm online kind of a lot, so if you wanna rp, lemme know =] i dont care if it's on like, a forum or messenger or whatever
Of course!

I'm online a lot too. I've MSN and AIM, though I'm on MSN a lot more *shall add you*
sweeeeet, i'm on both all the time, so whichever is good
Awesome! I added you on msn:)
added you back =]